Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Best Places to Kiss in Paris

When one visits Paris with a lover, it is most natural to find a romantic spot for a kiss -- away from the milling of the crowds, the touristes, the people going to work with their serious Parisian masques on.  No!  Preferably, where it can be a quiet spot, away from the turmoil.

Here are a few I have the impudence to suggest:

1)  On the overlook, by Sacré Coeur.  Yes, there are some people; but less at dusk and the view is so charming!

2)  On the roof of La Samartaine.  And excellent place on the roof of this department store, with a view overlooking the Seine.

3)  Under an arch at the Hotel de Ville.

4)  On a bridge over the Seine.

5)  In the Métro, at station Félix Faure.

6)  By the statue of good King Henri IV -- the "Old Flirt."  Actually, he was noted for his randiness; and a little pelvic grinding while clothed in honor of the old king would not be unseemly here.  It is relatively private, as a thought.  Making love is too extreme.

7)  At République.

8)  Wheresoever the mood strikes either of you.