Monday, August 26, 2013

Marriage, French-Style

In France, in order to be considered legally married, one must undergo a civil ceremony.  Afterwards, couples could have a religious ceremony, if they wish; but only the civil ceremony is recognized by law.

A large number of couples forego both, and live together in a free relationship.  In America, this is referred to as "shacking up."  Actually, with the decline of religion in Europe, religious ceremonies are on the eclipse. 

While the magistrate can look formidable in his sash, and many are very skilled in making it impressive, there is still the sense that one must also have the religious ceremony in order to be truly wedded.  Legality is not enough.

Yes!  The proper white wedding dress, the church setting, the solemn words of the priest, the vows, the candles, the rice thrown, and the post-wedding picture of all attendees.  And, yes, the bells! 

Usually, no whistles.

I am pleased to mention that the American custom of removing the  bride's garter, and throwing it to the unmarried boys, has not caught on.  However, in Gascony the groom does remove the bride's panties and throw those!  I'm glad that we will not do that!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Best Places to Kiss in Paris

When one visits Paris with a lover, it is most natural to find a romantic spot for a kiss -- away from the milling of the crowds, the touristes, the people going to work with their serious Parisian masques on.  No!  Preferably, where it can be a quiet spot, away from the turmoil.

Here are a few I have the impudence to suggest:

1)  On the overlook, by Sacré Coeur.  Yes, there are some people; but less at dusk and the view is so charming!

2)  On the roof of La Samartaine.  And excellent place on the roof of this department store, with a view overlooking the Seine.

3)  Under an arch at the Hotel de Ville.

4)  On a bridge over the Seine.

5)  In the Métro, at station Félix Faure.

6)  By the statue of good King Henri IV -- the "Old Flirt."  Actually, he was noted for his randiness; and a little pelvic grinding while clothed in honor of the old king would not be unseemly here.  It is relatively private, as a thought.  Making love is too extreme.

7)  At République.

8)  Wheresoever the mood strikes either of you.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Is This Chart for Real?

While I, like most women, admit to only a limited amount of sexual experience, I find this chart on-line to be extremely far-fetched.  I can understand that a too-large penis would hurt, and a small one might be sad, but the A and B range just leaves me confused.

I have never encountered a chap with a seven-inch penis, and I have been to some nude beaches.  (I keep my bottom on in those settings.)

But this implies that the best size for male members is 7 to 8 inches.

I cannot say that I have ever been disappointed.  But maybe in making the love it is not the size of the pénis, but how the guy does the other things.