Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Disclosure on Mowing the Lawn

Does she or does she not?  This is one of those things that are usually of knowledge only by a woman's lovers, how ever many they might be.  But recently American television personality Kathie Lee Gifford indicated that they should not shave their pubic hair.  Is this the re-adoption of an English custom?

"Kathie, who was brimming with early St. Patrick’s day cheer and kept breaking into a jolly Irish folk song, let it be known that she keeps things fairly natural there, praising whatever God gives us as a gift, even if it’s “a garden." And she's proud of it!"

Too much disclosure, in my opinion.  But maybe St. Patrick's Day festivities include a little unlacing?

I can understand the pros and cons.  Certainly it eliminates the overlapping hairs when one wears a skimpy swimsuit.  And it is certainly polite if one expects faire minette from a lover!  Indeed, help to make the experience nice for both!  But it is a trouble to keep up; and waxing does sting when the Yanks come!

I must say I have a large difficulty in being sober and profound on this topic.

But this is an interesting cultural shift that might be taking place that we only get symptoms of here in Picardie.



  1. So what's the prob? It really looks gross if you try to wear a bikini and you havent prepared down there first. No need to wax -- just shave the shrubbery! And it feels so cool!

  2. We also learned about Hoda's landing strip.