Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Bean Throwing as a Mischief

Maybe I should not tell this, but perhaps the police judiciary is no longer actively interested in the case.
When I was a teenager, I would visit an aunt and cousin who lived in an apartment in Paris.  One night, we were bored.  We looked out across the street.  On the ground (RC) floor was a strip-tease club, and we watched, fascinated, by the comings and goings of people.  While occasionally a dancer would appear in costume, we were most struck by the enormous man who served as the doorman or bouncer.  He clearly looked rough: not someone to be trifled with.  We nicknamed him M. Gorilla, not having learned the niceties of political correct speech.  The whole idea of this type of club was novel: I had never encountered anything like this in the provinces!
Earlier, we had discovered that some beans had turned bad and would have to be discarded.  However, we tossed one out the window in the direction of the bouncer.  After a few failures, we managed to plonk the guy on his shoulder.  He gave an air of injured dignity, and went inside.  He came out, and looked overhead.  Maybe it was an accident, or?
We tossed another bean on the sidewalk, and he came out and scanned the apartments above.  Although we were careful to assure that he was not looking, we soon figured that if we didn't toss directly, but instrad threw them against the facade of the building of the strip-tease club, the man would think that they were coming directly overhead.  Soon, he and two of the dancers were looking for the bean-thrower.
We amused ourselves in harassing the big guy for much of the evening, but stopped when the police came and lingered.  The next day our Turkish pizza guy from downstairs told us that he thought that we were the culprits, and that he enjoyed the spectacle. 


  1. Grenouille Fille, that was a funny story to brighten my morning. WEll, it's P.M. now where you are. Désolé!